1 Bentley Plain Shelter DELWP Bentley Plains Rd Bentley Plains
6 Bindaree Alpine National Park Upper Howqua Rd
10 Bivouac Alpine National Park The Staircase Spur Walking Track Mt Bogong
2 Black Snake Creek DELWP Wonnangatta Rd Black Snake Creek
6 Blackbird Alpine National Park Howqua Hills Track Howqua Valley
10 Blairs Alpine National Park West Kiewa Logging Rd Snake Valley
9 Blowhard Mt Hotham RMB Mt Blowhard Mt Hotham
6 Bluff Alpine National Park Bluff Track
6 Bluff Spur Mt Buller RMB Bluff Spur Trail Mt Stirling
9 Boggy Creek CRB DELWP Great Alpine Rd Boggy Creek
10 Bogong Jack Saddle Alpine National Park Fainter Fire Track Bogong Jack Saddle
3 Bones & Mildew ?
12 Brophys DELWP Mt Hope Rd Pinnabar
1 Buckwong DELWP Davies Plain Track near Buckwong Creek
12 Buckwong (locked, private land)  Private Land Davies Plain Track near Buckwong Creek
10 Cairn Creek SEC Alpine National Park Cairn Creek Granny spur
5 Cambarville village DELWP Cambarville Rd Cambarville
2 Camms Top Place DELWP Dane Track Birregun Range
3 Chesters Private Land Off Tamboritha Rd Licola
4 Christians Mt Selma To Be Replaced DELWP Off Mt Selma Rd Mt Selma
1 Christie O’Rourkes Paddock (locked, private) Private Ingeegoodbee Tk Suggan Buggan
10 Cleve Cole Alpine National Park Camp Valley Walking Track Camp Valley
8 Cobbler Lake Alpine National Park Lake Cobbler Rd
4 Codes DELWP Donnellys Ck Rd Tomboon
2 Collins DELWP Scrubby Creek Track Wonnangatta River
1 Commins Parks Vic Natural features & scenic reserve Nunniong Plains Track overlooking Quinn Plain
4 Connors DELWP Heyfield-Jamieson Rd & No3 Rd Connors Plain
10 Cope Alpine National Park Alpine Walking Track Mt Cope
10 Cope Saddle Alpine National Park Cope West Aqueduct Track Cope Saddle
7 Craigs DELWP Clear Hills Track Clear Hills
1 CRB and gauging station Alpine National Park Limestone Creek Track Limestone Creek
9 CRB Dinner Plain Alpine National Park Great Alpine Rd Dinner Plain
2 Culhanes Alpine National Park Pioneer Track Howitville
1 Dartmoor Private Land Cnr Hutchinsons Ck & Bonang-Bendoc Rd Bendoc
12 Davies Plain Alpine National Park Davies Plain Rd Davies Plain
9 Derrick Mt Hotham RMB Swindlers Spur Mt Loch
9 Diamantina Mt Hotham RMB Great Alpine Road Razorback Spur
9 Dibbins Alpine National Park Alpine Walking Track Cobungra Gap
12 Dogmans (Tom Groggin Hut) Alpine National Park Davies Plains Track Tom Groggin
11 Dunstans CRB DELWP Omeo Hwy Mt Wills
3 East Caledonia River Alpine National Park East Caledonia River Track Snowy Range
10 Edmondsons Alpine National Park Nelse Creek Mt Nelse
8 Evans Creek DELWP Evans Creek Track Buckland Spur