• Membership Application

    Use this item to submit and pay for an application for membership of the Victorian High Country Huts Association inc (Registered Number: A0043804Y ABN: 90 874 369 153). By submitting this application online you acknowledge that this membership entitles you to one vote at general meetings of the Association, and in the event of your admission as a member (which is entirely at the discretion of the committee), You agree to be bound by the Rules of the Association, including any variations made from time to time.  The rules are available on the website under the Forms section, or by contacting our membership secretary via email to membership@hutsvictoria.org.au. Please note that if you are applying to join between the 1st of July and the 31st of December your membership, should it be granted, will expire on the 30th of June the following year, therefore you will get between 12 months and 6 months of membership for your first years subscription fee. If you are applying for membership between the 1st of January and 30th of June, we will extend your membership should it be granted, to the following year, resulting in you effectively gaining between 12 and 18 months membership for the price of the first year subscription. The committee has taken this simple approach in recognition of the effect of the timing of your membership application on your potential membership subscription fees.
  • Donation to the VHCHA

    Support the VHCHA with a Donation with your order.  Want to donate more - just add multiples of the donation items to your shopping cart. Please note that the association is not registered for receiving tax deductible gifts with the ATO, however your donation is very much appreciated and will be used wholly and solely for the preservation, care and maintenance of the huts in the Victorian High Country.
  • Membership Renewal

    For use by existing members of the VHCHA to renew their membership.  Please include any changes to contact details in the notes field to allow us to update our records.  Thank you.


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